• How accurate are your estimates?
A realistic estimate is crucial, and in order to provide that, a great deal of time must be spent up front with you, the customer, getting information about you, your lifestyle, and the home of your dreams. A lot of assumptions have to be made when preparing an estimate, but the better we understand the style, materials, and features you prefer, the more realistic our estimate can be.


• What is included in your final price?

Your final estimate will include a detailed listing of all aspects of the building process...from clearing the lot to the final cleaning of your new home!


• How do I know what home plan would work on the land I want or already have?

As an engineer, David has in-depth knowledge and a keen interest in building sites, foundations, load calculations, etc. He will visit your lot and give you an assessment based on characteristics of the lot and potential associated costs. He may be able to suggest a type of house plan or some variations to the plan you have chosen to make the build more affordable for your particular lot.


• How do you develop a budget for cabinets, flooring, plumbing, and electric?

As with the estimating process, we must have information up front about what you desire for your home. We can then give you realistic price ranges for these items so you can make decisions about what fits into your budget. Most everyone has to make “give and take” decisions during the home building process, so we encourage our customers to decide on what is most important to them...what will touch your lives the most everyday...and make decisions accordingly.


• How often can I expect updates on the building progress?

We touch base with you at least weekly. Everyone’s situation is different, but we feel it is imperative to keep in close communication with our customers. Depending on individual needs, schedules, whether you live out of the area or close by, we will establish a routine with you for regular communication and ways to obtain answers to questions we may have for each other.


• Will I have a regular contact person from your office?

Yes. We understand it is often difficult to track down the on-site personnel, and we have found it is far more efficient to direct questions, comments, etc. to our office via phone or email. Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, M-F, and an answering machine is available for leaving messages. We will also supply our customers with cell phone contacts.


• Is there a staff person who will guide me through my home’s indoor/outdoor selections?

We will assist you in your selections process by providing product information, websites, referring you to reputable suppliers, arranging appointments with designers, obtaining samples, as well as making recommendations based on our experience.


• How will I know when decisions on my part must be made?

We will supply you with a timetable of when we need specific decisions to be made and will update this timetable as we progress with your home. Your selections and timeframes will be a regular topic of discussion during our communications.


• Can we visit the job site at any time to check on the progress of our home?


We ask that you give our office a call to let us know so we can make sure the environment is safe for your visit. In fact we prefer, if it’s convenient with your schedule, that we have the opportunity to occasionally meet with you onsite to answer questions and keep you informed. At the very least, we will request a “Framing Walk Through Meeting” when the house is framed, roofed, and some or all of the “rough-ins” are complete or in-process. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to visualize rooms, see window placements, think through electrical needs, and ask questions about any aspect of your new home.


• What happens when my home is completed?

When nearing the completion phase of your home, we begin making inspections for those “little things” that need attention. It is our goal to deliver your home to you with zero items on the “punch list”! We will schedule a walk through with you to orient you to all the features of your new home and to note anything we may have missed that needs attention.


• What sets you apart from other builders in your area?

We challenge our clients to hold us accountable to our company’s values. We are honored by referrals from our previous clients and by trusting relationships with vendors and Trade Partners who share our values. We understand that living our values is the core of our company’s growth. Providence Custom Homes is committed to building homes for our customers with the same practices, materials, care and passion as if we were building for our own family.