A Design Dilemma

The Challenge: With a tight time frame and a tall order, I wasn’t sure how we were going to get the new home in Hendersonville we wanted, but Providence really delivered! We wanted our coastal Hilton Head home replicated “to a T” at our new Hendersonville location in the mountains. So not only did it have to take on the look of a mountain house, but the structural format had to be reconfigured for a spacious, open basement. And don’t forget our tight time frame!

Solved: PCH immediately put us in touch with an Asheville architect, who transformed our island home into a mountain home with an Arts and Crafts exterior. In the meantime, David sketched out the basement and suggested moving the foundation two blocks higher to create 9’ ceilings. Then, using massive beams to eliminate extra columns, he created the spaciousness we wanted.

The job done by the entire team was outstanding. The framing crew actually stick-built all the rafters and trusses, and every subcontractor, from framing to siding, was easy to work with.

And the tight time frame issue….Providence finished 3 weeks early! We could not have asked for a more positive building experience.